about us

Goldmines Training & Consulting is key player in the training & consultancy in the region. Established in 2003 with a clear goal to bridge the gap between companies, systems and people through providing professional training and consulting services to help our clients maximize their business potential, develop their human assets and increase performance of organizations.

We believe that organization & people change in the region will have direct and high impact in transforming the Arab World economy and our goal is to have a leading role in the new economic revolution era. With this clear understanding to our goals we decided to provide our clients with full services in the management consultancy and Human development.

Since our establishment we continuously acquire the most-up-to date knowledge and utilized this knowledge to provide our client with state-of-art services to ensure achieving the desired results. We work on continues improvement to our services and adding more services to provide our clients with total solution that will assist them in achieving their visions.

Throughout the years we succeeded in developing our own methodologies and in-house modules and tools that identify our clients’ unique needs and provide them with our unique solutions. This is our key differentiation factor in the region.