Assessment and Development Center

Research demonstrates that there is no substitute for objectively observing and systematically measuring how people actually perform “on the ground”. A well designed Assessment Centre is the most effective tool available for assessing individuals in both individual and group based environments for selection or development.

Goldmines Training & Consultancy provide a complete range of Assessment Centre services, from competency matrix design through exercise design and the provision of psychometric testing. Even if an organization has no prior experience of this most effective assessment method we can design and manage the whole process from scratch using either our own established procedures or assessment tools, or designing entirely new and highly organizationally relevant systems and exercises.

There is no such thing a ‘standard’ Assessment or Development Centre – some can last as little as half a day, while others can go on for three days or more. However, all demand considerable commitment from the client.

What is an Assessment/Development Centre?

A process whereby a participant undertakes a series of job-related exercises under observation, so that competencies can be assessed against job requirements.

The purpose is to obtain the best possible indication of a person’s actual or potential competence to perform in the target job/level of responsibility..

  •  An Assessment Centre is designed primarily for selection.
  • The Development Centre is designed to identify potential and training needs.

Why Assessment Center?

Recruiting new employees and assessing existing ones for development or promotion or rotation can be a time-consuming and risky process. The tools and techniques used in assessment centres can give candidates a true flavor of the job while testing them on work-related activities both as individuals and in groups. These flexible selection methods allow managers and HR professional to assess existing and potential job skills and competencies.

Goldmines Training & Consultancy offer Human Capital Consultancy & Strategy incorporating various aspects of personnel management. At the heart of this system lies the Assessment Centre Method. It’s a modern method for determining job requirements and evaluating human capacities in terms of objectively observable behavior.

Assessment Centre Method has a bearing on the following aspects of personnel management:

  • Improving performance in management/staff relationships.
  • Bringing compensation policy in line with general policy objectives.
  • Reduction in turnover and subsequent recruitment costs (as the most appropriate person is selected for the role).
  • Ensuring fair selection through providing equal opportunity.
  • Identification of potential “high flyers” within the organization.
  • Identification of individual strengths and development needs.
  • Identification of “skill gaps” within the organization.
  • Provision of a strong and healthy process for restructure.
  • Provision of solid information for succession planning.