Personal Change and Development

The natural and flawed assumption in most training and work-related attempts at managing personal change – in support of organizational change – is that it is skills based, in other words we can be taught to change.

Whilst it is true that we can be taught, generally we won’t change.

We can’t change because of our “immunity to change” or inner resistance

As Goldmines Training & Consultancy understand this important factor we designed special methodology to help people to change and develop certain behaviors they aim to change it.


Many people come to our course to seek out ways to empower themselves such that they can move forward faster in life. Our program gives individuals the tools to remove the limiting beliefs and fear that have been stopping them from achieving the success in life and give them a structure for new and empowering ways of being in the world. One of the benefits of our method “The 6 Circles™” for personal development is more choice: in how you respond, the way you communicate, and how you feel. When you have more options, you can make better decisions.

For more information please read our page The 6 Circle for personal Change & Development Solution