Training and Development

Goldmines Training & Consultancy hold many years of Training & Development experience. The Chairman is developer of “The 6 Circles™” for personal development that assists many organizations and individuals in achieving higher performance, increase productivity and achieve desired goals.

Goldmines Training & Consultancy ensure to customize the corporate solutions to ensure that employees are engaged with the vision, mission and values, aligned with the strategic plan and have the required skills to drive the performance and achieve the goals.

Through a designed process we discover the skill-gaps within the organizations, we customize innovative solutions that bridge the gap and ensure having the required impact on the employees through building a long term relation with our clients.


Phase One: Diagnose & Assess

Goldmines Training & Consultancy will understand the organization strategic vision, the current situation and what the organization want to achieve. Then discuss what is required to be changed to achieve the desired goals. Goldmines Training & Consultancy will use different type of tools from Training Need Assessment, TNA interview and Psychometric assessment to determine the alignment around the vision, mission and values and identify the competency gaps that need to be bridged to achieve the required change.

Phase Two: design innovative solutions:

Goldmines Training & Consultancy will design innovative solutions that is mapped to the competencies needed to be changed, ensure closing the gaps and achieving the goals. Moreover, through our unique solutions we ensure aligning emotional intelligence with the corporate initiatives to maximize the benefits from the investment.

Though our methodology we ensure to engage our clients in the designing process through reviewing the solutions with the relevant management to get the approval on the methodology, content and process.

Phase Three: Implement & Deliver

Goldmines Training & Consultancy will assign adequate trainers that ensure delivering the customized innovative solutions

Phase Four: Measure Impact

Goldmines Training & Consultancy prepare an executive summary report that include the trainer feedback, trainee feedback, venue feedback and admin feedback and submit it to the client. Moreover, we agree on periodical visits to ensure smooth change among the employees.