The 6 Circles

Einstein’s definition for Insanity: “To keep doing the same things and expecting different results”!

The 6 Circles model for Personal Change and Development presents an approach for analyzing Client and individual current state in each and every domain work, family, money, relatives, friends, relations, hobbies even your spiritual development.

It unveils the ideas and beliefs which we adopt and shows how they impact our behavior. The 6 Circles model also explains how certain beliefs work both consciously and sub-consciously, thus becoming the main drive for our behaviors and reactions in each and every life situation.

Such behaviors have undoubtedly shaped organization and people current state: what type of work we do; our behavior with client, peers, community & co-workers; Our image in front of our colleagues; how we perform; how we feel about this work every day when we wake up in the morning to go to that job; how satisfied we are with the salary this job secures; are we appreciated enough at work? Do we really enjoy doing this job or is it just another job to pay the bills? Furthermore, The 6 Circles methodology encourages organization and people to reconsider the current status inside our work, community, leadership and on a personal level inside our families, with our friends, and our relatives.

 Different type of The 6 Circles

The 6 Circles Model ™ is a breakthrough model to achieve success in life and work and in any field.

Participants are able to: Understand – absorb – apply and enjoy new results.

The 6 Circles™ for understanding, absorbing and applying the company values and vision.

The 6 Circles™ for a world-class Presentation skills and Public Speaking.

The 6 Circles™ for a deeper Communication skills & Body language.

The 6 Circles™ for Emotional Intelligence.

The 6 Circles™ for an Inspiring Leadership.

The 6 Circles™ for Performance Management

The 6 Circles™ for the Powerful Salesperson.

The 6 Circles™ for the Top Management-Creating Harmony within the Organization.